Madonna EP

by Sargasso Sea

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Sargasso Sea is the musical vehicle of singer, lyricist and songwriter Elisabeth Oswell, who together with Alan Mills and James Stephenson co-wrote and produced Madonna.

Previous to forming Sargasso Sea, Elisabeth spent a long time performing on the UK Avant-Burlesque scene, creating surreal and subversive oeuvres using dance, voice and dramatic visuals. She also in the past lent her vocals to the live incarnation of Hush Arbors.
Sargasso Sea produces a ghostly other-worldly music that nevertheless finds it roots firmly in our world. Despite having held comparisons to artists as diverse as Siouxie Sioux, The Velvet Underground and Antony Hegarty, this young lady’s songs and unique vocal style seem to spin more from the depths of her odd, unfathomable imagination than from any discernible outside influence. Elisabeth’s influences come as much from every day meanderings and 1980s French pop music, as anything deeper and more philosophical.

“Far removed from the mainstream world we live in with its overpopulated race of air brushed, plastic haired pseudo-musicians who have dropped off the increasingly boring major-label/minor-creativity conveyor belt, Sargasso Sea are a breath of fresh air. Like their nautical namesake they lie beneath the constant swallowing abyss that consumes all that come within its grasps and are a natural phenomenon in their own rights.
They are the living and spiritual embodiment of true artists whose medium in this instance is music, but the beauty lies in how they manage to transcend and break free of the shackles of mainstream music and take it in their own direction.”


released January 10, 2011

Elisabeth Oswell, Alan Mills and James Stephenson co-wrote and produced Madonna.



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